Guess who’s back? Back again?

Shawna’s back. Tell a friend.

Yes, I totally just reference an Eminem song. I’m kind of cool like that (and by cool I mean not cool at all). I’m sorry I’ve been pretty much absent this year. I’m sure my twenty something followers have been lost without me. Yeah, sure, whatever.

I would love to use the excuse that I was just too busy with life and all that, but that would be a total lie. I just lost inspiration or something. I really just didn’t want to do anything. I have a ton of pictures taken and notes on everything; I just didn’t feel like editing the pictures or typing anything up. I’m a bad blogger.

On the other hand, my roommates and I have started another blog called A Bridge Too Fat. (I’m not neglecting one blog for another. I’ve only written maybe 2 things for the other one.) It’s a weight loss blog. We’re all a bunch of fatties and this year we decided to get shit changed. We’ve started exercising and eating better. We decided to document our ups and downs, tips and tricks, and whatever else seems relevent. Give that a peek if you feel inclined.

A Bridge Too Fat

I also now have a facebook, pinterest, and twitter. I’m not really all that active right yet, but hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll change that.

Soon you should start seeing swatches and reviews. I have a ton to share!



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