Black Radiance Liquid Lip Color in Succulent Plum

I bought this at regular price at Walgreen’s for $2.99. They had a bunch of these on clearance when I bought this so I assumed that this one on clearance too, but I was wrong . I did like the color enough to go ahead a pay full price.

Unfortunately, I shouldn’t have wasted my money. I’m ok with not being satisfied with something if I didn’t pay full price, but if I pay full price I get aggravated. I’m not completely disappointed, but I would’ve rather of spend my money on something else. It smells bad like fruit and alcohol. It’s thick and difficult to apply. It’s patchy and uneven. It takes a bit to smooth it out. It does bleed a little bit. You can see on the top of my bottom lip that it’s already wearing from touching my top lip and this picture was taken almost immediately after putting it on. The color isn’t bad though.

The description on the website says it supposed to also condition and soften the lips. On that front, it’s ok. I didn’t notice anything remarkable, but it didn’t dry my lips out or anything.

Overall, I will never buy this color again, but I might buy another maybe lighter color if it went of clearance. The lighter colors might be easier to apply and not show wear so quickly.. Maybe? Hopefully.


**DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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