Black Radiance Indelibly Sheer Liptint in Sheer Fuschia

I got this on clearance at Walgreen’s. It was $1.49, regular price $2.99 (though it is not on clearance on the website).

This is a color I can wear regularly and actually really like. It’s just a bit more pink than it photographed, just a little though. It applied very smooth. It felt almost like chapstick. I could barely tell I was wearing it. It didn’t dry out my lips or anything. There was a bit of feathering. Wear time was around 2 hours with drinking before it gave me ring around the lips.


I’m never really been a lipstick/ lip product fan before recently. If it wasn’t chapstick, I wasn’t wearing it. For whatever reason, lately I’ve been obsessed with lip stuff. I’ve gotten so much at CVS recently. SO MUCH. It’s mostly Revlon stuff. Not purposefully; that’s just what happened to be on clearance. Which brings me to CVS END OF THE YEAR BEAUTY CLEARANCE SALE! Please for the love of all things on sale check this clearance out. There is so much. Nouveau Cheap is keeping a master list of what she and her readers find on clearance. You never know they might have what you’ve been wanting to try or an old favorite at 1/2 or 1/4 of the price.


**DISCLAIMER: All products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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