Urban Decay Vegan Palette

I bought this palette for $12 a few months ago on clearance on the Urban Decay website. It retailed for $36 dollars. Isn’t the casing beautiful? I mostly love this palette. It’s pretty perfect for work.

Top Row

Minx- No description available

Urb- No description available.

Gunmetal- “Dark metallic gray w/ silver microglitter”

Bottom Row

Twice Baked- “Rich statin brown w/ gold microglitter”

Smog- “Deep coppery bronze”

Half Baked- “Golden bronze”


No Flash

I really do like this palette. Gun Metal being my favorite shade. Gun Metal, Smog, and Half Baked apply very smoothly. Minx and Twice Baked are a little hard. Minx & Urb also has a bit of fallout do to the glitter content. I also think Minx could have a bit more pigmentation. In the pan, it doesn’t look like it’s quite as frosty as it is on application.

All shadows but Minx and Urb are available as individual shadows. This palette is still available here for $26.99.

**DISCLAIMER: Products mentioned here were all purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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