Urban Decay Black Palette Swatches

I got this palette on clearance for $16 at the Urban Decay website a few months ago. They still have it for sale at the same price. I’ve read a bunch of negative reviews on this palette, but I disagree with them (mostly). A lot of reviews harp on how dark all the colors are or how they are all similar to black. Um, it is called The Black Palette. As I’ve stated before I’m pretty comfortable with rocking the whole dark eye thing so these shadows work for me.

I’m awful with descriptions so prepare to be horrified with how bad these are. 

Top Row 

Black Dog-  Matte black (dupe= Perversion

Barracuda- Shimmery black based silver 

Jet- Shimmery black based purple 

Bottom Row 

Sabbath-Shimmery black based blue 

Cobra- “Black w/ gold microglitter” 

Libertine- Shimmery black based green

No Flash

See? They’re not all that bad. I really like them. The only negative thing I have to say is that these puppies have a bit of fall out. Be sure to do your face last or hold a tissue under your eye when applying or both. These are perfect for doing an easy smokey eye. By that I mean using a lighter shade of one of these colors on the lid and these in the crease blended out, but heavily applied on the outer part of the crease.

**DISCLAIMER: All products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Black Palette Swatches

  1. I like!! I wish I had seen this earlier, I definitely would have added it to my Christmas wishlist that I posed this morning! I’m a fan of UD shadows… so pigmented and I swear they last forever!

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