Urban Decay Fun Palette Swatches & Urban Decay Sale Info

I got this palette on clearance for $16 a few months ago for the Urban Decay website. It retailed for $34. This palette is full of vibrant, “fun” shades. This palette came with a 24/7 Oil Slick eyeliner, and travel size of UDPP in Original. All shadows swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.


Top Row

Woodstock“Saturated deep pink

Baked- “Rich bronze”

Uzi- No description found.

Bottom Row

Sin- “Champagne”

Flipside– No description found.

Psychedelic Sister- “Deep amethyst”


No Flash

Another blurry picture?! Big freakin’ shock.

Isn’t this palette great? I love Woodstock. It’s so pigmented. Most of the shadows are. The only shade I have an issue with is Uzi. It’s hard with a lot of glitter fallout. You can still find this palette here for $24.99. All but Uzi and Flipside are still available individually.

My suggestion to anyone who is anyone is to stalk the UD website. I’ve gotten some fantastic deals from the sale page. I have 4 palettes this size that I either got for $12 or $16 when they’re normally $36. I got them so cheap because they’re discontinuing them to make room for the next years/seasons palettes.

To some $16 may still be a lot to pay for a palette, but considering the quality and the amount of money saved buying them on clearance I’m completely comfortable with it.

The first palette I ever bought from UD is the Deluxe Shadow Box which I bought several years ago. I paid full price (this was waaay before I really got into makeup and being thrifty). It retails for $38 but is on sale right now for $19. GO GET THAT SHIT! It’s a perfect set to start with or to add to your collection. It has 3 neutral shades, a matte black, and several highly pigmented bright colors.

They have several other things on sale right now (including the Black Palette which I will be reviewing shortly). I hope everyone checks it out.

I have a bunch of Urban Decay, some Black radiance, more Wet N Wild, and a lot more coming up soon. Hopefully, my purchase from Dark Heart Designs will be in soon. I can’t wait to show you their new collection.

**DISCLAIMER: Products mentioned here were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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