How to Apply Concealer Under the Eyes

The circles under my eyes are always there and always dark. It depends on the concealer, but usually skin toned concealer isn’t enough for me or I have to apply so much it gets cakey. It took me a while to figure out how to apply concealer for under eye circles quickly and properly. All the tutorials I looked up at the time seemed either really involved or didn’t work for me.  This is what I do and it takes me all of a minute.

ELF Under Eye Setting Powder, Physician’s Formula Yellow Concealer*, TBN’s Peach Concealer, ELF Concealer Brush**

The above is what I use.  I use the yellow and peach concealers and kind of mix them together.  Yellow is opposite on the color wheel to blue, the color of under eye circles. Using the opposite color is supposed to cancel out the original color. Unfortunately, yellow doesn’t go with my skin tone. The peach alone doesn’t either. Mixing them is usually perfect.

The first image is of my dark circles. They were actually pretty light on the day I decided to do this.

The second image is how I dot on the concealers. After doing that I use the brush to mix the concealers, spread them out, and get them right underneath my eyelashes. I then use my ring finger to continue to spread and even it out. After that, I apply the ELF Under Eye Setting Powder with any clean eyeshadow brush.

TIP: Your ring finger is made of magic. Concealers can be thick; using your finger lets your body heat soften the concealer so it’s easier to apply. Your ring finger is best because it’s not dominant and allows you to apply concealer with soft, even pressure.

The third image is the final product.

*I got in on clearance a while ago at Target. This is a link I found, but I can’t guarantee it’s the same thing.

**ELF no longer sells the concealer brush I use. Nor do they sell any of their Mineral Brushes any more. They had this ginormous face brush that’s sooo soft I don’t really use it for make up, just for rubbing it against my face lovingly. RIP. I loved them so much.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me.


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