Milani Runway Eyes Catwalk Swatches

I bought this palette from Cherry Culture a few months ago. I paid $7.99 for it, but the site lists the regular price as $8.99. I really like the dramatic colors of this palette compared to the other Runway Eyes palettes. Also, I’ve never seen this particular one in any store in my area. As you will see in the picture below, this arrived slightly broken. Unfortunately, it was impossible or near to to fix it because the way the shadow in the pans are shaped and the fact that the loose shadow went everywhere and coated everything I bought. I decided not to send it back; it wasn’t that bad and it really didn’t seem worth it.

Broken palette 😦


No Flash

As you can see when this was taken I was (and still am) working out my blurry picture issue. I didn’t use any primer for these swatches. Each shade is swatched first dry and then wet. All shades are pretty pigmented even when dry. The only one I had a problem with an individual shade is the black which is a little chalky, but not horrible. I should also mention how hard it is to get shadow off these guys. If you use a brush it’ll need to be a thin one or you’ll hit the other shadows easily. Unfortunately, you also don’t get much color payoff when using a brush. You’d have to press hard to get any shadow on the brush, but these damn things are so fragile you’d break one before you get enough color on the brush. I had to use my finger for the swatches. I suggest when actually applying the make up to your eye to use your fingers and then blend it out with the brush.

Overall: I really do like these colors, but the hassel of using them wasn’t worth the price. If they eventually go on clearance (like 50% off), I would consider buying more.

The pictures really didn’t come out like I wanted to. Should I reswatch them?

Disclaimer: Products mentioned were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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