Wet N Wild Color Icon Comfort Zone Swatches

Working in a hospital I can’t really have crazy or super dark makeup, pretty much neutral or very toned down colors. This palette seemed perfect so I picked it up a few weeks ago. I paid the normal $4.99 at Walgreens.


I really like it. I’ve yet to actually wear the green (right) side, but I’ll try to soon. Let’s start with the left side or the browner colors. The  Eyelid and Crease are so soft and lovely. I love them sooo much. The Definer is hard and glittery with lots of fallout. I swatched these with my fingers and learned it’s very difficult to wash off, also. The right side or the greener colors are nice, too. The Browbone and Eyelid have similar consistency of the Eyelid and Crease of the opposite side; they are so buttery soft and highly pigmented. The Crease color was hard and glittery (like the Definer of the other side). I really did not like the Definer on this side. Consistency wise it was fine, but I dislike the color. It’s a dupe for L’Oreal HIP in Intrepid (and a MAC shade or so I hear). It looks nice in the jar/palette, but once applied it loses the green/aqua sheen and become a brown-red. Maybe I overblend, maybe it’s just my skin tone. Whatever it may be, I don’t like it. Overall, I’m very pleased with this palette.

I’m currently waiting on the WnW Where’s the Party? Collection to come here. I want the Drinking a Glass of Shine palette so bad. It’s a rerelease of the I Heart Matte palette. I’d actually love to have all of the palettes now that I think about it.

**Disclaimer: Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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