My Beauty Addiction Review and Update

My First Purchase

I have now placed 2 orders with My Beauty Addiction. I really like them. Of course, the 2 times I bought from them they were running sales. The first time was I believe a Labor Day Sale. I want to say it was 20% and also a 5 gram jar of their Shadow Poxy and their Foiling-Lining Medium for free. I got the Molten Metals Collection, their Glitter Fix, and Latte and French Vanilla  individual shadows.

I use the Shadow Poxy for a lot of swatching. It’s very sticky so it’s really good so shadows with glitter and glitter itself. I haven’t really used the Foiling-Lining Medium or Glitter Fix yet.

The Second Purchase

The 2nd purchase was also a 20% off sale, but I think this time for fan appreciation due to likes on Facebook. I just recieved it a few days ago. It was the Rainbow Bright Collection and the Pantone Fall 2012 Collection. I also got a 10 gram jar of Shadow Poxy. I still have a ton left of the 5 gram jar from the 1st purchase. I just didn’t know when I would order from MBA again and I wanted to have plenty since I’ll probably primarily swatch with it. They also sent me a sample of Vintage Cranberry which is a shade from the Autumn Grace Collection. I’ve yet to swatch it, but I will when I swatch the other shades.

All the shades I’ve used so far are beautiful, soft and easy to apply. The prices are pretty good normally and they run sales all the time. I’ll list the prices when I post the swatches. The shipping is pretty damn fantastic time wise. This last time I places on order on Monday and received the product by Friday. The pricing for it was pretty confusing though. They have the normal shipping options, but there was an additional S&H charge of $2 that wasn’t optional. This was on both of my orders. I didn’t mention anything to the company because $6ish isn’t horrible for shipping.


I’m trying to work out my blurry picture problem. I’m fairly confident it’s not my camera, but my lighting. I’ve really got to figure it out, because it’s driving me crazy. I’ve also been trying out different swatch techniques so you’ll see several variations in the coming posts. In addition to all these MBA shadows I need to post, I’ll be posting some WnW swatches, Urban Decay, and a few other things.

As always, comments and suggestions are always appreciated. THANK YOU!


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