Revlon Custom Eyes Metallic Chic Swatches

HEY, GUYS! LOOK! IT’S NOT BLURRY!! WOOOO!!! Finally, right?

It’s yet another Target Clearance find. I got it for about $4. I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact prices. It was several months ago. According to Amazon, it retailed for $8.99 and you can still find it there for $3.99.


No Flash

These were swatched over ELF Shadow Primer in Sheer. There were no names for the colors individually or I would have labeled them as usual. I really like this palette. The Copper and Olive Green colors are ah-mazing. They’re very pigmented and quite smooth. I wish they were the same size as the gold, which wasn’t bad either. Unfortunately, the Black and Gray pretty were chalky (the black more so). Still worth it, especially on clearance.


For anyone who cares, Target is my area has put on all their ELF Python Collection on for clearance. I saw nail polishes, makeup brushes, and nail files.

**Disclaimer: Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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