The Body Needs Review

The Body Needs was the first indie company I had ever bought makeup from. They have great prices and often run sales 20-40% off their normal prices which are pretty damn good to begin with. The makeup I’ve bought so far from them is great. I really like it and it’s all highly pigmented and beautiful. The first time I bought from them I bought a ton of glitter that they had on clearance. I believe I got that and some glow-in-the-dark body pigments for less than $30 including shipping. Next, I bought their Eye Candy Collection, Blackened Collection, Blanc eye shadow, concealers, Rhassoul Clay mask, Exfoliating mask, and a few blushes & a highlighter they had on clearance. The 2 collections I bought the 2nd go round were all on for 40% percent off.

The picture below is of my first purchase: body pigments, glitters, and glitter gel. The company does sell eye safe glitter. The glitter I have used so far is quite beautiful. I won’t be swatching the glitters, but I will swatch the body pigments. The body pigments are not eye or lip safe.

Here are the two collections I purchased:  The Eye Candy Collection and The  Blackened Collection. Also pictured is Blanc eyeshadow, highlighter, blushes, and concealers.

The Body Needs are very fair in their pricing. They are actually some of the cheapest I’ve found, but the quality of their cosmetics is fantastic.


Individual Loose Eyeshadows

.6 grams in 5 gram jar= $1.99

1.5 grams in 10 gram jar= $3.79

Loose Blush

1.5 grams in 10 gram jar= $1.5

(I’ll give more pricing info when I review the products)

Aren’t those prices fantastic?! Of course they have a lot more products: lip products, pressed eyeshadows, gel eye liners, etc. They also sell MAC samples. Everything else is also wonderfully priced.

I’ve been spoiled by Dark Heart Designs and I feel bad by holding other companies to their standards when it comes to details and customer appreciation. Don’t get me wrong The Body Needs were pretty standard when it came to their customer relations. The shipping was prompt and they did everything efficiently. There is absolutely nothing bad to report.

Overall, The Body Needs are great. Their pricing and product is fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone who asked especially those wanting quality without going bankrupt.

**Disclaimer: All products mentioned here were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


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