Dark Heart Designs Samples and Good Witch/Bad Witch Samples

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been so busy with work and getting ready for AWA. For those of you that don’t know what AWA is, it’s Anime Weekend Atlanta. It’s awesome. I honestly don’t even like anime or manga. My roommates are huge fans. I just want a vacation and to dress up. I went last year and despite not recognizing a lot of the costumes and not knowing who any of the speakers were I still had a lot of fun. The people attending are so welcoming and nice. It was great. I’ve been getting together what I’m going to wear and preparing a lot of last-minute things for the trip. It’ll be a 6 hour drive and we’ll be there for 4 days, 3 nights.

On to the swatches!



No Flash

Lip Slicks

LockLock Lip Slicks Gloss is a slightly sticky, semi-sheer, red moisturizing gloss with subtle purple undertones. The name was by Lock’s skin tone and red costume.

JudasJudas Lip Slicks Gloss is a slightly sticky, sheer, brownish bronze moisturizing gloss. The name was inspired by Lady Gaga’s Judas.

Liquid Shine

Centaur’s Wisdom: Appears white in the vial, but shows up a dazzling shimmery gold when applied to the skin.

Lock and Judas are Lip Slicks. Lock is highly pigmented and actually pretty opaque despite being described as semi-sheer. It’s a nice shimmery red. Judas is sheer with a purpley-brown sheen. I had to use a lot of product get it show color in the swatch. It’s a great color to add on top of lipsticks to tone them down. Neither Lip Slick were typical lip gloss sticky. They were fairly smooth and left the lips feeling soft after. Centaur’s Wisdom the Liquid Shine was interesting and unique. I’ve seen anything like it. It was in a little glass vial and  very pretty. Unfortunately when i was swatching it I left it open and accidentally knocked it on myself. I lost about 1/4th of the vial. 😦 It was also really difficult to clean up because it was so concentrated. There was little glitter and shimmery bits everywhere. I still can’t get it off my desk chair 2 weeks later. That I’m actually not that upset about. The pictures below really demonstrate how much is in such a small amount.


No Flash

 Good Witch/Bad Witch


No Flash

Anna: A dark champagne shadow with blue and copper sparkle.

Elphaba: A sea green shadow with a pink champagne sheen and pink sparkle.

Eva: A dark purple shadow with purple sheen & sparkle.

Glinda: A creamy, silver pink shadow with silver sparkle.

Jadis: A silvery white shadow with blue and aqua sparkle.

Kiki: A dark periwinkle blue shadow with pink sheen and coppery sparkle.

Sabrina: A dark plum shadow with silvery sheen and blue sparkle.

Samantha: A creamy peach shadow with lavender sparkle.

Overall: Another collection of duochromes so of course I love them. My favorite is Samantha. It’s very pretty. These are fairly pigmented and apply nicely.

Next, I shall post the swatches of the other shadows.


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