Dark Heart Designs Collections Shadow Swatches

As I mentioned in the review post, I really like these Dark Heart Designs‘ shadows. There are a few that could be a little more pigmented, but for the most part they are all quite lovely and apply like butter. DHD (what? I like acronyms and will be using them frequently) has 3 collections as well as individual products and everything in the collections do seem to be able to be bought separately. I did only order eyeshadows and only received the other products through samples or the free thing of the month or whatever.

I’ll be posting swatched of the collections first (pictures of collections did come from DHD’s website).  I would like to reiterate that I do not have the full collections. I only have the eyeshadow portions of the collections; therefore, I will only be reviewing the eyeshadows. I’m only reviewing them by collection because I like grouping things together. It seems easier that way. All shadows are swatched over My Beauty Addiction’s Shadow Poxy.

Halloween On Christmas 

$45.99 for full collection

Halloween on Christmas Full Collection

Bone Daddy: A pale cream/bone color with orange undertones and sparkle. Inspired by Jack, and created with his nicknames in mind: Bone Daddy, and Pumpkin King. It’s a great highlight color.

Ghost Dog: A white shadow with red and orange undertones and sparkle. Inspired by Zero, Jack’s ghostly dog companion.” Another great highlighter.

Rag Doll: A light aqua color with a red undertones and sparkle. Inspired by Sally’s skin tone, and hair color.

The Mayor: A Beige color with purple and blue undertones and sparkle. Inspired by the mayor of Halloweentown, and his changing faces. Again a great highlighter.

Overall: It looks to be a great collection. I really enjoy these colors. They are all lovely duochromes. The actual collection includes 2 Eye lights (DHD’s version of eyeliner) in Boogie Man and Mad Scientist and 3 lipslicks (DHD’s lip gloss) in Lock, Shock, and Barrel. They did include a sample of Lock which I will be including in the next post.

Deliciously Mad

$35.99 for full collection

Deliciously Mad Full Collection

With Flash

No Flash

Cup of Crazy: A beautiful shimmery green. Between lime and olive in hue. Perfect in spring and summer time looks.

Kiss and Makeup Tea: The perfect Tiffany Blue. A great hue that works with any and all colors. Has mild shimmer.

Madness: A Deep oceanic blue. Mild shimmer and great coverage.

Pinky’s Up: A shimmery medium bright pink also works great as a blush.

Plum Insane: Medium plum purple with mild shimmer and lots of color. Can be blended with lighter purples for a spring look or used with darker tones for a fall smokey eye

Totally Bonkers: Bright yellow with yellow/gold glitter. Vivid and Vibrant.

Silver Lining: A glitter packed silver with lovely colors peeking out. Great highlighting color.

Overall: This collection is the newest and brightest of all the collections. They colors are all quite lovely. I want this collection, too! My favorite being Madness. I’m a sucker for blues. The collection also includes a Lip Slick in Seeing Red in lipstick in Sun Brewed.

Once Upon a Time

$45.99 for full collection

Once Upon a Time Full Collection

With Flash

No Flash

Curse: A lavender-grey shadow with purple sheen and sparkle.

Deal: A bronze-brown shadow with a green and gold sheen and sparkle.

Enchanted: A pastel mint green shadow with green sparkle.

Ever After: A rusty tangerine orange shadow with orange sparkle.

Fairytale: A pale jade green shadow with blue and aqua sparkle.

Fantasy: A light mauve shadow with green sheen and aqua sparkle.

Hero: A cloudy blue-grey shadow with blue sheen and blue sparkle.

Magic: A silver shadow with lots of silver sparkle.

Storybook: A pale rusty red with green sheen and aqua sparkle.

Villian: A bluish-purple shadow with red sheen and purple sparkle.

Overall: I really really want this collection. It is fantastic. It’s another bunch of sparkly duochromes. My favorite being Enchanted. The full collection also contains 2 lipsticks in Love Bites and True Love’s Kiss.

I will be posting the swatches for the Good Witch/Bad Witch collection and the samples next. After that, it’ll be the rest of the shadows not in collections. Unfortunately, all the rest of the swatches for all the DHD products aren’t very good. They are like the ones above. I would redo my swatches/pictures but I already had to do most of them twice because I stupidly cleaned them off after swatching but before taking pictures! So now I’m practically out of all the samples.

I’m already working on taking better pictures. Also, I’ll be swatching bigger and taking more pictures. Sorry these are kind of terrible. I’m working on it! I’ve already made a little box for pictures and will be working on getting a few lamps so I don’t have to keep using the flash on my camera. These pictures are pretty color accurate, but I could do better. I would also use natural light instead of my flash and lamps but I work about 30 minutes from home and by the time I get home at night there’s no more usable light. 😦

I would love to hear any questions or suggestions.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

*Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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